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I am selling these items due to lack of interest, and I need to get a new graphics card.

Ah yes, the famous Athrun/Kira ghei poster. Came with Newtype (I think). It is very big - as you can see it covers half of my room's door - but can be folded up and posted in an A4 flat envelope. It has some ripped edges where the poster folds, but are not major and not visible when on a wall. Selling this for US$8. (I had to buy it separately, because my friend was evil.) Sold

Below that is a Gundam Wing poster, with Zechs Merquise and his Epyon Gundam. It's a couple of years old, has some scotch tape marks at the corners and bluetack marks behind. This will be posted in a hard rolled tube. Selling this for US$2, due to the wear.

Metallic Edward Elric badge - brand new, never taken out, mint condition. US$6. Sold

For The ZAFT poster from Newtype. There is a Gundam story timeline behind, in Japanese. Some bits of it have come off, because of scotch tape and such, but the front image is unaffected. Going for US$6. Sold

Next to that is the 2004 anime calendar which came with Newtype in December 2003. The only Gundam Seed image on that thing is the actual cover, and that is the only thing for sale, because I have scribbled all over the inside on the actual calendar. I will remove the cover once someone has expressed interest. US$2 for this. Sold

Below that is a spread of postcards that came in Animage. (can't remember which month) The 4 on the left are from Gundam Seed, and the other 4 are from Fullmetal Alchemist, Inuyasha, Detective Conan and Matentei Loki Ragnarok. This is going for US$5. Sold

Top two is a set of HunterxHunter file folders. The one on the left is actually light blue, the camera didn't seem to capture the colour properly. The left one is new, I never used it, but the one on the right has been used, but is in otherwise good condition. This set going for US$7. Sold

Below the HxH files is a Gundam Seed folder. Used for a couple of weeks, so is in near new condition. Going for US$4. Sold

Next to the SDK shitajiki is an Ed FMA mini folder that came with a magazine. It was also used for a while, then kept away. It will fit A5 size papers nicely. Going for US$3. Sold

At the bottom is a FMA countdown calendar that was given away with Newtype. This set is going for US$5. Sold

All shitajiki listed are going for US$3 and are double sided.
In the image are:
Angelic Layer
Matentei Loki Ragnarok (came with a magazine)
Saiyuki Reload
Fullmetal Alchemist (came with a magazine) Sold
Samurai Deeper Kyo
Gundam Seed

All items listed (except the Epyon poster) can be posted in a flat A4 size envelope for a flat shipping rate of US$6. (I am located in Australia) I can also send it by Express, which will cost an extra $10, but that means you get the stuff sooner. Epyon poster will cost US$10 to ship in a rolled tube, unless you want me to fold the poster. (not recommended)

I will combine shipping, since they are all flat items anyway, so save on shipping if you buy more than one item!

You can view my eBay profile if you want. I accept payments by Paypal to raijirou [at] gmail [dot] com, or concealed cash. (not recommended) It will take approximately 2 weeks for concealed cash from US to reach Australia.

If you have any questions about any of the items listed, feel free to ask me! ^^ Thank you!

Also, I am accepting commissions. More info here, or you can have a look at my Furbid page. :)
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